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GIRL POWER Weekend 6-7th of Sept.-The Roman Empire & Saturday night revival ERAXSMUSSS WELCOME PARTY - THE 3d of September 2013 August 30 - 31 PINK NIGHT & VODKATRONIK Saturday the 24th of August PILLOW FIGHT PARTY Friday the 23d of August HOLLYWOOD NIGHT Weekend 16-17 of August - SUNTASTIC & BANANA PARTY Weekend 9-10th of August Wild West Whiskey & Fluorescent night August 2-3 / Pink night & Vodkatronik Weekend 26-27 of July Suntastic & Banana party Weekend 19-20 of July Hollywood night & Pillow fight party WILD WEST WHISKEY & FLUORESCENT NIGHT - 12/13 of July PINK NIGHT 05/07/13 - VODKA TRONIK 06/07/13 Week End June 28-29...Suntastic and Banana Party! ERAXSMUSSS GOOD BYE PARTY 4 THE 21-22 OF JUNE - HOLLYWOOD NIGHT & PILLOW FIGHT PARTY ERAXSMUSSS GOOD BYE PARTY part 3 Wild West Whiskey & Fluorescent night 14th -15th of June ERAXSMUSSS GOOD BYE PARTY - PART 2d Week end 7th and 8th of June - PINK NIGHT and VODKATRONIK