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ERAXSMUSSS GOODBYE PARTY winter 2013 COPS vs ROBBERS Friday the 13th of December ERAXSMUSSS WHITE T-SHIRT PARTY ORIENTAL NIGHT Friday December 6 Untitled Album ERAXMUSSS TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTY THE CRaZy ChuRcH Party! Friday the 29th of November ERAXSMUSSS ANGELS & DAVILS FLUORESCENT NIGHT - Friday the 22d of November ERAXSMUSSS CHOCOLATE PARTY The Roman party & Girl Power weekend of 15th and 16th November Untitled Album ELECTION OF MISS & MR ERASMUS 2013 WILD WEST WHISKEY - Friday the 8th of November ERAXSMUSSS 70 - 80 - 90'S - Tuesday the 5th of November HALLOWEEN NIGHT PARTY - Thursday the 31st of October ERAXSMUSSS THE FAMOUS COUPLES PARTY - Tuesday the 29th of October PINK NIGHT & GIRL POWER - THE 25-26th of October ERAXSMUSSSSINGLE PARTY - Tuesday the 22d of October SUNTASTIC & GIRL POWER - The 18th and 19th of October