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HOLLYWOOD PARTY @ SALENTO - Saturday the 15th of March ERAXSMUSSS NATIONAL PARTY - Tuesday the 11th of March WOMAN'S DAY PARTY - Saturday the 8th of March SUNTASTIC PARTY @ SALENTO - Friday the 7th of March ERAXSMUSSS CARNIVAL PARTY - Tuesday the 4th of March WILD WEST PARTY @ SALENTO - Friday the 28th of February ERAXSMUSSS PAJAMA PARTY - Tuesday the 25th of February THE ROMAN EMPIRE PARTY - Friday the 21st of February ERAXSMUSSS NUTELLA PARTY - Tuesday the 18th of February S.Valentine's party & Piero's birthday - Friday 2-14 ERAXSMUSSS SINGLE PARTY @ SALENTO - Tuesday the 11th of February HOLLYWOOD NIGHT & OLD SCHOOL PARTY - 7th & 8th of February ERAXSMUSSS CHUPA CHUPS PARTY - Tuesday the 4th of February ORIENTAL PARTY @ SALENTO - Friday the 31st of January ERAXSMUSSS WELCOME PARTY - Tuesday the 28th of January CRAZY HOSPITAL @ SALENTO - Friday the 24th of January COPS VS ROBBERS - Friday the 17th of January Friday the 10th of January - CRAZY CHURCH PARTY WILD WEST PARTY - Friday the 3d of January BANANA PaRtY Friday the 20th of December