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ERAXSMUSSS GOOD BYE PARTY - Tuesday the 16th of December ORIENTAL NIGHT & NOTTE ITALIANA - 12/13 December ERAXSMUSSS WHITE T - SHIRT PARTY / Tuesday the 9th of December Salento Portrait & Vive la France 5/6 December Erasmus Traffic light party - Tuesday the 2d of December "ANDRE & PIERO 10 YEARS IN LITHUANIA"... & "NOCHE ESPAÑOLA" PARTY ERASMUS FLUORESCENT PARTY WAY TO HEAVEN & A' LA TURKA- 21st & 22d of November ERASMUS CHOCOLATE PARTY - Tuesday the 18th of November Crazy hospital & Noite Portuguesa - November 14/15 ELECTION OF MISS & MR ERASMUS - Tuesday the COPS VS ROBBER & NOTTE ITALIANA / November 7-8 ERASMUS SPORT PARTY - Tuesday the 4th of November Mobile Uploads ERASMUS SINGLE PARTY !! Tuesday the 28th of October Roman Empire party & Vive la France - 24/25 of October Roman Empire & Vive la France - 24/25th of October Erasmus Sangrja party - Tuesday the 21st of October Wild West & Fiesta Espanola - October 17/18 Erasmus Pajamas Party - Tuesday the 14th of October