Party: Interchain & PTU (Russia)

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Interchain & PTU (Russia)

Club: Mein Haus am See

Upcoming: 117
Date: 26.12.2014 20:00
Address: Brunnenstr. 197/198 - Ecke Torstr. 125, Berlin, Germany | show on the map »

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Party: Interchain & PTU (Russia)

Interchain is a new Moscow punk-techno duo inspired by Detroit classics, early Bunker Records recordings, early ‘80s European underground, anarcho-punk and dark synthpop. According to Andrew Lee and Evgeny Gorbunov, Moscow has become too consumed with sweet and cheerful music, overly proper and well-groomed, to expect revelations of it, meaning that Interchain aren’t so much in a position of protest as they are effectively kicking a relaxed listener up the backside.
Interchain’s first track titled Trianon and its video are inspired by the cold war, the memories of which are coming up more and more frequently in Russia. It’s a psychedelic mashup of acid, soviet movies and American screensaver. Next Interchain released the track Videotorture, again with video, a synth-punk-techno hymn, setting the stage for the debut EP to be released at the end of November. Between the recording of the two tracks, Interchain compiled a mixtape for the Comeme label and played its first live sessions in Moscow clubs.
Alongside Interchain, Andrew Lee and Evgeny Gorbunov run their own label Incompetence releasing the most noteworthy local electronic artists hailing from various places in Russia – from Moscow to Kazan. Andrew Lee also performs with his solo techno-project Obgon (translated from Russian as Overtaking).
Interchain’s plans include releasing their debut EP and then in spring – their LP packed with deeper tracks, including ambient and industrial landscapes and the darkest dances in the universe.
The duo is also working on a separate performance – Pale Buildings, for which Andrew and Evgeny will take on the role of improv artists. The performance will take place in one of Moscow’s galleries.
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PTU is a duo of Kamil Eа and Alina Izolenta from Kazan (RU). Since their inception, PTU's concept has changed several times. They performed together with Pan Sonic at The Vienna Secession and also with Westbam on the techno rave near Odessa. In 2009, the album "Hard week" was released on the Austrian label Laton. In 2013 album "Here here" was released on a Moscow based label Incompetence. In 2014 the label Laton released the track "Tuesday Night" on vinyl .

Press commentaries:
Evgeny Gorbunov, musician, producer, co-founder of the Incompetence label: “The Techno-renaissance for PTU does not mean simply to stylize their sound into old-school drum-machine stuff for the sake of lo-fi charm; they don't forget to remain musical - with subtle tonal and timbral connections, with the stories that music wants to tell and hidden, hardly recognizable melodies.
This album is where new experiments meet the good old European traditions - two important elements of techno. But at the same time it is floating freely in the great "nowhere", in the world created by the hands of Kamil and Alina, a world filled with images of the past and strange surreal pictures".

Dmitry Demidov, "TimeOut Moscow" magazine: "Where is the best techno made? You’d never guess: in Kazan. Two young people from PTU-duet deliver techno-bass that is not inferior to London and Berlin’s artists out-turn by points".

«Here Here» album:

Invited: Joanna Montana, Maksim Sikalenko, Alexis Goertz, Valya Kan, Ustinov Dmitri, Maria Kotlyachkova, Maria Gershteyn, Ilya Fomenko, Birgit Von Bally, Sergei Ledovski, Shafagh Fa-raHani, Andrew Yourkin, Daniel Geppert, Ed Curtis, Anna Trиers, Mariia Servetnyk, Giacomo Lorenzo, Raphael Fröhlich, Max Buzuk, Fiona Der Profi, Kaye Manlutac show more »